Ciments Molins Cement Industry: Prototype Implementation

All components of the heat recovery system are integrated and connected to generate the maximum amount of power from the waste heat source.

The heat recovery system requires a cooling system for proper operation and to avoid thermal collapse of the system. Thus, in Ciments Molins the prototype uses four fans to generate forced air.


Figure. Fan

Celsa Steel Industry: Prototype Design

It is proposed to install 1 WHRU module that take advantage of the heat emitted by the blank beam during their cooling process.

This module will be fixed on a metal plate that captures the maximum possible radiation from the hot beam. The WHRU module will transform the heat gathered by this metal plate into electricity.

This plate is installed onr a U-shaped support that will be placed 50 cm from the ejection zone of the blank beam.



Ciments Molins Cement Industry: Prototype Design


It is proposed to install 1 WHRU module in one of the walls of the clinker rotary kiln of the facility. The temperature inside the clinker rotary kiln is about 1450 ° C, but the WHRU will take heat by conduction from the wall of the clinker rotary kiln that is around 200 ° C.


Figure 1-Installation place-Wall of the clinker rotatory kiln

AEInnova in Diari Terrassa

This Sunday, October 17, AEInnova – Alternative Energy Innovations turns 7 years old. Since its foundation (in an office of the UAB – Escola d’Enginyeria), we have passed through the parents’ garage of the founder Raúl Aragonés, through the UAB – PRUAB Research Park, the Terrassa Innovació Science Park and currently in a beautiful industrial warehouse of principles 20th century (Old Güell i Cia factory). 

Thank you Laura Massallé from the “Diari de Terrassa” for this magnificent article published today. 

Aeinnova with the BBVA award

Aeinnova has been awarded the BBVA award for innovation in environmental sustainability. The company’s proposal has been awarded this award, which is jointly organized by BBVA and the Fundació Antigues Caixes Catalanes. 

 This award is so prestigious that the two cities of the western valleys of Catalonia have echoed it talking about it in their newspapers, El Diari terrassa and Diari Sabadell have dedicated a page to Aeinnova. TEl Periodico also wanted to talk about Aeinnova and recognize this prestigious award. 

Aeinnova in La Vanguardia

On the page of entrepreneurs of La Vanguardia, they talk about how to undertake in energy, and in that conversation Aeinnova has to appear. They talk about how to convert heat into energy, and they are exposed to 3 companies that are doing it, and one of them is Aeinnova. 

 La Vanguardia’s entrepreneurs section is a very prestigious site, where companies such as Zara have been talked about. 

Forum d’Inversió award

Aeinnova has been awarded by Acció, with the Forum d’Inversió award, for creating a technology that takes advantage of the waste heat generated by the industry and converts it into electrical energy.  

The media have echoed this news, as it is a prestigious award, so much so that El Diari terrassa and Expansión have dedicated a page to talk about it. 

Aeinnova in Expansión

Aeinnova has had a page in the newspaper Expansion, in which the prototype that has been tested and installed in Seat is explained. 

 Expansión is a Spanish economic newspaper founded on May 27, 1986. The newspaper is the leading economic press in Spain with a circulation of 160,000 copies at the end of 2008. It belongs to the Unidad Editorial group after its acquisition in 2007 by RCS MediaGroup of the Recoletos Group.

Aeinnova in La Vanguardia

Aeinnova appears at La Vanguardia, in the entrepreneurs section, explaining its solution on how to go from generating electricity through waste heat. 

 La Vanguardia has a section called “entrepreneurs”, in which news of new “start-ups”, small companies or entrepreneurs who have an innovative idea are exposed, so that their proposal is more easily known.

Aeinnova in El Mundo

Aeinnova has appeared in a news item in El Mundo, which explains how the European Commission wants to help promote technology and I+D. Among the companies named in the news is Aeinnova. 

 EL MUNDO is the second Spanish newspaper by diffusion and audience. Since its founding in 1989, the newspaper has remained faithful to its intellectual project, achieving incomparable sales and dissemination success throughout the European continent. Its website,, is a leader among generalist newspapers. 

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