Aeinnova in La Vanguardia

Aeinnova appears again in the prestigious newspaper La Vanguardia, an entire page has been dedicated to the company to talk about the solution to the loss of residual heat. The first prototypes and first tests carried out by Aeinnova are also exposed. 

Aeinnova at La Vanguardia

Aeinnova has appeared in a news item in La vanguardia, explaining how our company is the best solution to the loss of residual heat.  

 La Vanguardia is a general information morning newspaper published in Barcelona for the whole of Spain, which is published in Spanish and, since 2011, also in Catalan. 

Aeinnova awarded by Energy Harvesting

El Diari Terrassa explains how AEInnova, accelerated in the fourth call of the Repsol Foundation Entrepreneurs Fund, has received the award for the best IOT (Internet of Things) technology at the IOT Solutions World Congress held in Barcelona.


Aeinnova at Diari Terrassa

The Diari Terrassa explains how a group of researchers has created the Aeinnova company, and explains how they have developed technology to generate electricity from residual heat. 

El Diari de Terrassa is a Spanish regional newspaper, published in the Catalan town of Terrassa 

The news explains that Aeinnova has been selected by the prestigious respol contest. 

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