Gomà Camps Paper Industry: Prototype Implementation



Electrical panel with its respective electrical safety: two 16A fuses at the input of the inverter, a 10A magneto thermal switch that cuts the phase and the neutral.


DC-DC converter


Minimum Input Open-circuit voltage for turn-on 4V
Maximum Input Open-circuit voltage for turn-on 24V
Maximum Input Peak-Peak Voltage Ripple N/A
Maximum Output Peak-Peak Voltage Ripple ±0.4V
Switching Frequency 50kHz
Efficiency >85%
Max Input Current 3.5A per canal
Max output Voltage 15V



AEInnova participates in the Day of Reflection and Debate organized by the Chair of Leadership and Democratic Governance of ESADE

Day of Reflection and Debate organized by the Chair of Leaderships and Democratic Governance of ESADE

On September 30, the World Day of Reflection and Debate was organized by the ESADE Chair of Leadership and Democratic Governance, led by Prof. Àngel Castiñeira. Under the motto Are we in time? Business leadership to transform the world the day focused on the 2030 agenda and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

The event was attended by a number of important personalities from the business, social and political world of our country with a long list of top business executives and various political leaders led by the Honorable Àngels Chacón, Minister of Enterprise and Knowledge of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Initially, several working groups were created that reflected on the different axes related to SDG’s. AEInnova participated in a group that reflected on energy where he could explain his experience in thermoelectricity, achieved from the European project LIFE HEAT-R, and share with other major companies and organizations the great challenges that we are faced with a real energy transition and, unfortunately, transcending the intentions of each company.

Next, a joint statement was made in which there were concerns about the threat of climate change and the need to redirect business activities towards sustainable development to meet the challenges of the 2030 agenda. Multiple proposals on experiences and testimonies were presented and commented on in multiple sectors that provided a comprehensive approach to the situation, concluding that it is necessary for companies and society to act in a firm, determined and courageous manner.

The Day of Reflection and Debate has an annual nature with the objective of reflecting, from a strategic perspective, on issues relevant to the public agenda and providing new ideas and approaches that will lead the development and progress of the country.

Inauguration of the 26th academic year of the Salesian University School of Sarria (EUSS)

On October 2, Dr. Raúl Aragonés gave the inaugural conference of the 26th academic year of the Salesian University School of Sarria (EUSS).

His conference began with a review of the most relevant milestones of Humanity and then focused on the progress that has taken place in the last 150 years and its severe environmental consequences.

In a second part, he reflected on the current energy model, which he defined as unfeasible, and then presented alternative technologies in energy generation.

Finally, he made a special mention to the Energy Harvesting technologies, explaining the status and progress of the European LIFE HEAT-R project that they are developing in AEInnova.

Dr. Raúl Aragonés is a EUSS graduate student and he was grateful for the honor to participate in this prestigious event at a university that was fundamental in his training.


AEInnova at Oil & Gas Conference

AEInnova has been participate in the Oil & Gas Conference, an event aimed at promoting intersectoral relations, as well as networking between the different actors and “key players”.

In there we presented our technology as well as the our Heat-R Life project. With nearly 300 attendees we could contact with 9 important people related to the Oil&Gas sector, our primary target.



AEInnova at Climate Change Mitigation in Energy Intensive Industries event

Our president, Dr. Raúl Aragonés, and our CEO, David Comellas, have attended the LIFE platform meeting on climate change mitigation in energy intensive industries in Utrecht, the Netherlands (26-27 September 2018).

The meeting is hosted by LIFE OPTIMELT (, a project that is recovering waste heat in glass manufacturing, and is organised in cooperation with the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) and the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Climate Action (DG CLIMA).

The two-day gathering included plenary sessions on the policy context, industry commitments and technological solutions; workshops; a poster session; and field visits to the OPTIMELT project at the Libbey Leerdam glassware factory and Tata Steel’s Horizon 2020 project, HIsarna, both in the Netherlands.


AEInnova goes to Japan in a Tech Mission

AEInnova has participated in a technological mission organized by the CDTI (Spain) and NEDO (Japan).
With an exquisite planning, we had the opportunity to see the business ecosystem of Japan and share experiences that have been very enriching.

On the other hand, we have been able to present our technology, especially our EU project, HEAT-R, which has generated a lot of expectation and has allowed us to contact the most important thermoelectricity companies in Japan.

Without a doubt, it has been a great technological and commercial experience.


AEInnova and HEAT-R at IQS Tech Festival

Today we have participated in the IQS Tech Festival, an event in which some thirty startups have participated, with an attendance of about 3000 people and that has been held in the emblematic Damm Factory in Barcelona.

A very special event for us because it was the first time that we spoke in public of our LIFE Heat-R project, which, by the way, generated a lot of excitement.


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