AEInnova participates in the Day of Reflection and Debate organized by the Chair of Leadership and Democratic Governance of ESADE

Day of Reflection and Debate organized by the Chair of Leaderships and Democratic Governance of ESADE

On September 30, the World Day of Reflection and Debate was organized by the ESADE Chair of Leadership and Democratic Governance, led by Prof. Àngel Castiñeira. Under the motto Are we in time? Business leadership to transform the world the day focused on the 2030 agenda and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

The event was attended by a number of important personalities from the business, social and political world of our country with a long list of top business executives and various political leaders led by the Honorable Àngels Chacón, Minister of Enterprise and Knowledge of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Initially, several working groups were created that reflected on the different axes related to SDG’s. AEInnova participated in a group that reflected on energy where he could explain his experience in thermoelectricity, achieved from the European project LIFE HEAT-R, and share with other major companies and organizations the great challenges that we are faced with a real energy transition and, unfortunately, transcending the intentions of each company.

Next, a joint statement was made in which there were concerns about the threat of climate change and the need to redirect business activities towards sustainable development to meet the challenges of the 2030 agenda. Multiple proposals on experiences and testimonies were presented and commented on in multiple sectors that provided a comprehensive approach to the situation, concluding that it is necessary for companies and society to act in a firm, determined and courageous manner.

The Day of Reflection and Debate has an annual nature with the objective of reflecting, from a strategic perspective, on issues relevant to the public agenda and providing new ideas and approaches that will lead the development and progress of the country.

Inauguration of the 26th academic year of the Salesian University School of Sarria (EUSS)

On October 2, Dr. Raúl Aragonés gave the inaugural conference of the 26th academic year of the Salesian University School of Sarria (EUSS).

His conference began with a review of the most relevant milestones of Humanity and then focused on the progress that has taken place in the last 150 years and its severe environmental consequences.

In a second part, he reflected on the current energy model, which he defined as unfeasible, and then presented alternative technologies in energy generation.

Finally, he made a special mention to the Energy Harvesting technologies, explaining the status and progress of the European LIFE HEAT-R project that they are developing in AEInnova.

Dr. Raúl Aragonés is a EUSS graduate student and he was grateful for the honor to participate in this prestigious event at a university that was fundamental in his training.


AEInnova has participated in the 24th World Energy Congress of Abu Dhabi

AEInnova, member of SET 100 – a group that brings together the top 100 startups in the world committed to the energy transition – has been invited by DENA (Deutsche Energie Agentur / German Energy Agency) to participate in the 24th World Energy Congress, an event organized by the World Energy Council and held in Abu Dhabi from September 9 to 12.

Under the motto of Energy for Prosperity, multiple conferences and working groups were designed to bring together top-level political, business and research agents as well as a large representation of the main actors involved in the generation and distribution of energy with the objective of reflecting on the main difficulties in achieving a sustainable global energy system that allows high levels of prosperity and well-being.

After four days of work, the need to evolve towards a decarbonized energy model is evident, but there is still a lot of obstacles to solve. On the one hand, technological aspects, such as the redesign of electrical networks or the storage of energy to balance supply and demand); on the other, economic aspects, both in terms of the necessary investments and the possibility (or not) of being able to assume them – especially in developing countries – and, finally, social aspects that will be produced as a result of the redefinition of the economic models. In summary, problems that can only be solved by solidarity, courageous and transversal policies that facilitate cooperation, innovation and investment.
With regard to AEInnova, we was invited to the workshops held by the World Economic Forum and the O15 + ICER Annual Workshop (International Conference of Energy Regulators) where we could present the possibilities of thermoelectricity as a result of the experience obtained through the European LIFE project HEAT-R.

According to David Comellas, CEO of AEInnova, this conference “has allowed us to see the problems from a very generalist and polyhedral perspective and to express that the desire to decarbonize the planet is not a political or marketing campaign but rather It is a fact shared by all the actors involved but, unfortunately, there are still many challenges to be resolved so that it becomes a reality

We  deeply thanked the DENA‘s invitation and congratulations to the World Energy Council for the organization that has been excellent in every way.



Familia Torres winery industry: Pilot installation


The installation was carried out on April 25, 2019.

The conduit was manipulated by the maintenance staff of the Familia Torres winery following the instructions of the mechanical department of AEInnova.

The final installation of the recovery system was carried out jointly with the staff of AEInnova and Familia Torres.

Below you can see some of the photographs taken at the installation.






Our CSO, Prof. Dr. Carles Ferrer, had the pleasure to attend Ecomondo, the annual trade fair for the green and circular economy, in Rimini, Italy from 6-9 November.

This fair is devoted to show how EU-funding helps circular economy become a reality with concrete projects on the ground and we had the opportunity to contact with many other related projects.


Startup Ole Entrepreneur’s Fair 2019

Aeinnova at StartupOle 2019

One more year Aeinnova has participated in the StartupOle, an event that, year after year, is consolidating and becoming one of the most important startup fairs in southern Europe.

On this occasion, we had the opportunity to disseminate our project to a significant number of people, including the president of the Spanish government Pedro Sánchez and participate in the pitch competition where we won the vertical of Energy and were finalists in the grand final.

Without a doubt, a good opportunity to spread our LIFE project.


David Comellas in Kapital Empresa

David Comellas in Radio Kanal

Our CEO, David Comellas, has participated in an interview at the Kapital Empresa program of Radio Kanal.

Kapital Empresa is a radio program with current interviews, aimed at small and medium-sized businesses, businesses and entrepreneurs.

Conducted by Montse Pardo and directed by Javier Gabarri, Kapital Empresa is broadcast from 13 to 15h from Monday to Friday.

You can hear our interview at


AEInnova at 4YFN 2019

Over the years, 4YFN has been consolidating in the city of Barcelona and we can say that it has become the world benchmark at the startups technology fairs.

With the help of the Fundación Repsol and Banco Sabadell, we had the opportunity to participate and present our technology and our European project LIFE HEAT-R.

The reaction of the public has been really spectacular and we have achieved almost 40 high level contacts.

Heat-R at COP24!!!

After a rigorous selection process, AEInnova was invited to participate in the United Nations Climate Summit (COP24) that has been held from 3 to 14 December in Katowice (Poland).

Our presentation was made by the president of the company, Dr. Raúl Aragonés, together with its director scientist, Prof. Carles Ferrer, within the Action Hub space, and spoke about the different collection techniques Energy (Energy Harvesting), its applications in the new Industry 4.0, with a special mention to our LIFE HEAT-R project.

The United Nations Climate Summit, also called the Conference of the Parties (COP), is an annual initiative led by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), which is attended by around 200 countries and represents the Largest global initiative for greenhouse gas reduction and action on the effects of climate change. Among his most important achievements are the Pact to extend the Kyoto Agreement in COP18 and the Paris Agreements of COP21 where, for the first time, 175 countries agreed to limit the global temperature increase to 2 ° C.

In this edition, the achievements and procedures will be reviewed in order to reach the Paris Agreements.



Familia Torres winery: Prototype Implementation

Mechanical design

4 cells WHRU Module




6 cells WHRU Module




Full System

HEAT-R Familia Torres Full System Lab Tests

HEAT-R Familia Torres Full System Lab Tests


Electronics design

Power electronics

DC / DC converter
The following images show a rendering of the two plates that configure the power system, the control board, carries the SoC that will control the operation of DC / DC. And the so-called power plate, which carries the topology of the boost converters.




Communication platform

All the data are visualize at


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