Company profile

Familia Torres is a historical winery company located in Pacs del Penedès, Barcelona, Spain. Nowadays is the family winery with the most extensive vineyards in the Denomination of Origin (DO) of Penedes and one of the largest wineries in Spain, having additional production also in other Spanish DOs, Chile and USA and exporting wines to over 140 countries.

With a long history, started in 1870, Familia Torres has become a benchmark from the point of view of quality, which is why it has obtained multiple national and international awards such as, for example, The world’s most admired wine brand recognition.

His commitment to protect the land and environment has been intensified over the last ten years with a view to facing climate change. As well as adapting to global warming, Familia Torres is reducing its carbon footprint through the use of renewable energy, biomass, sustainable vehicles, and energy efficiency measures, among other initiatives.

LIFE HEAT-R project phases

Below are the publications related to the implementation of the LIFE HEAT-R project in the Familia Torres wineries:

  1. Technical Visit
  2. Prototype Design
  3. Prototype Implementation
  4. Pilot Installation
  5. Conclusions