Company profile

Gomà-Camps is a company with more than 260 years of history dedicated to the manufacture, transformation and commercialization of tissue paper products and other related solutions.

In Gomà-Camps, they are committed to innovation, the vision of the future and the effort in the constant optimization of resources and services as a central strategy to boost their commercial and productive expansion at an international level.

Regarding the manufacture of paper, Gomà-Camps has two 100% virgin cellulose and recycled tissue cellulose machines, with a total capacity of 95,000 TM/year

Gomà-Camps is a company committed to the sustainability that invests in state-of-the-art machinery in order to improve industrial processes, energy consumption and the environmental impact of its activity.

Finally, it should be noted that recycling processes do not use aggressive chemical agents with the environment. The factory has a complete effluent treatment plant with a physical-chemical and biological treatment that allows complete water cycle management, as well as resulting sludge, to be revalued later in external processes to the factory.

LIFE HEAT-R project phases

Below are the publications related to the implementation of the LIFE HEAT-R project in the Gomà-Camps company:

  1. Technical Visit
  2. Prototype Design
  3. Prototype Implementation
  4. Pilot Installation
  5. Conclusions