In order to start a thermoelectricity project, it is important to have a physical visit to the facilities in order to determine the waste heat ranges and the temperature in addition to the installation of the WHRU system.  The technical visit was made at Keraben (Castellón) on Dec 9th, 2019.

Heat Source

Thermographic measurements have been made in the the furnace zone. The points analyzed are shown below:


Below you can see the results obtained


Name Average Min Max Emissivity Standard Deviation
Furnace outlet 106,8 °C 39,2 °C 254,2°C 0,98 51,69ºC


The flue gas outlet chimney from the porcelain tile firing furnace has been identified as a potential heat recovery point for the installation of WHRU units.

The furnace has a length of 111.3 m and a total of 160 burners. The outlet temperature of the gases is approximately 210-230ºC.

The installation of WHRU units by contact with the surface of the pipe and which eliminate heat by natural convection (sink) will be considered, as there is no availability of water. The surface temperature of the pipe would be around 160-180ºC.

The plant has compressed air that could be considered to help cooling.