In order to start a thermoelectricity project, it is important to have a physical visit to the facilities in order to determine the waste heat ranges and the temperature in addition to the installation of the WHRU system.  The technical visit was made at the winery Familia Torres (Barcelona) on May 30th, 2018.

In the following aerial map it is possible to see the overall surface of the winery production and logistics of Familia Torres where the HEAT-R equipment will be installed.



Heat Source

After analyzing all the heat generation points of the facilities, it was decided to explore the possibilities of the biomass boiler plant.




Measurements of residual heat were made at 4 different points:

1) The biomass boiler

2) Particles cyclone

3) Gas outlet duct

4) Bag filter

Below you can see the results obtained

Biomass boiler


Name Average Min Max Emissivity Standard Deviation
Biomass boiler 34,4°C 19,5°C 149,9°C 0,98 15,10
Particles Cyclone



Name Average Min Max Emissivity Standard Deviation
Particles Cyclone 50,4°C 36,2°C 125,6°C 0,98 13,30
Gas outlet duct



Name Average Min Max Emissivity Standard Deviation
Gas outlet duct 62,9°C 14,9°C 127,5°C 0,98 41,03
Bag filter


Name Average Min Max Emissivity Standard Deviation
Bag filter 33,7°C -2,8°C 104,4°C 0,98 27,18


Considering that:

1- The measured temperatures correspond to the temperatures in the surface part of the tube.

2- The combustion gases of the boiler pass first through a cyclone and then through a bag filter to reduce the level of particles emitted into the atmosphere.

The result of the thermographic analysis establishes that the flue gas duct of the biomass boiler is the favorable point for the placement of WHRU units.

For reasons of ease of installation, WHRU units will be located in the combustion gas outlet duct at its exit from the cyclone and before the exit of the boiler building duct to the bag filter.
1. A temperature sensor is installed in the section of pipe selected to establish the boiler’s working regimes and the working temperature range.
2. Very poor mobile phone coverage is detected, which makes communication between the gateway and our server difficult. Actions must be established to allow communication between the gateway and our server.
3. There is no water available for cooling the modules.