Company Profile Distiller


Company profile

DISTILLER is a leading company in the field of industrial waste treatment and management. It offers clients efficient, high-quality solutions for the management and control of their waste.

They have more than 30 years of experience in the management and control of industrial waste. They have a team of highly-skilled, trained workers and a policy of life-long learning is designed to provide efficient, professional, cost-effective environmentally-friendly solutions.

They work for leading companies in the pharmaceutical industry, the car industry, industries which work with paints, varnishes, inks and dyes, adhesives….

DISTILLER guarantees maximum control and transparency in waste treatment and management in accordance with European Union regulations governing toxic and dangerous wastes. They are a Catalan company licensed to operate by the Catalan government Waste Control Agency since 1986 (waste management license number E-04.86 and waste transport license number T-1897).


LIFE HEAT-R project phases

Below are the publications related to the implementation of the LIFE HEAT-R project in the Distiller company:

  1. Technical Visit
  2. Prototype Design
  3. Prototype Implementation
  4. Pilot Installation
  5. Conclusions