CELSA Group™ is one of the leading European multinationals in long steel products, the most diversified and vertically integrated. It currently operates in 11 countries and has six large business groups with steel mills, rolling mills, transformation plants, distribution companies, service centers and recycling companies. The company has an extensive and excellent commercial network worldwide to provide service to all its customers.


Celsa Barcelona opened in 1967 and produces over 2,4 million tonnes of steel per year. Production is separated into corrugated and smooth round rods, rolled wire, flat rods, squares, angle rods and structural sections.

The company has two new electric furnaces with a capacity of 140 tonnes each one and two continuous casts. One has a square section and the second has a beam-blank section.

Heat lamination of the billets is carried out in three mills, each with its own specifications:
– Mill for corrugated round rods and rolls and rolled wire. (Danielli)
– Mill for flat bars and squares (Besós make), sooth round rods, angular rods and light sections. (Pomini)
– Mill for thick structural sections. (SMS)

Celsa also has two complementary installations for the manufacture of graphile and mini-flat rods from rolled wire.

To ensure that it obtains raw material, it has several subsidiaries for purchasing and processing scrap metal. In turn, it is vertically integrated in Aceros para la Construcción, S.A., which produces around 200,000 tonnes of electrowelded mesh and reinforcing from corrugated round rods each year, under the brand names Campesa and Macsa/Mallacero.

The clear product diversification to which Celsa has been committed for some time now is accompanied and guaranteed by the quality and certification of our products, obtained thanks to a significant investment in technological innovation.

Consequently quality and service are the motto of our human team, whose professionalism and experience afford us the security for successfully facing the future challenges of our company and customers.

LIFE HEAT-R project phases

Below are the publications related to the implementation of the LIFE HEAT-R project in Celsa Barcelona:

  1. Technical Visit
  2. Prototype Design
  3. Prototype Implementation
  4. Pilot Installation
  5. Conclusions