Keraben commenced its business activity in 1974 under the name Gres de Nules. Since then, customer service and ongoing technological innovation have formed the basis of its strategy.

They design and develop their products from the drawing board to production, with a team of more than 600 qualified professionals that include designers, interior decorators, experts in production, sales, logistics, quality, and the environment.

It is a company very concerned with sustainability: they reuse 100% of the water from their production processes; they apply cogeneration to make the most of the energy they use; They reintegrate the waste products from each process into their ceramic tiles and the packaging is 100% recycled.

LIFE HEAT-R project phases

Below are the publications related to the implementation of the LIFE HEAT-R project in Keraben:

  1. Technical Visit
  2. Prototype Design
  3. Prototype Implementation
  4. Pilot Installation
  5. Conclusions