The building of the boiler room where the chimney is located has a height of approximately 12 m. The chimney can be accessed by a cat ladder, but the floor next to the chimney must be considered as not practicable as part of the ceiling of the boiler room.


Design decisions

It is proposed to install 2 WHRU modules that will penetrate one of the WOGA boiler gas outlet chimneys.

The WHRU units will be installed one on each side of the chimney 600 mm wide.

WHRU modules will be equipped with waterblocks for water cooling.

The cooling water distribution installation will be provided with traps to avoid the presence of air in the water circuit.

Each WHRU unit will consist of 6 waterblocks. Each waterblock will cool the cold face of 6 peltier cells. Therefore, each WHRU unit will consist of 36 peltier cells (6 waterblock x 6 peltier cells).

To maximize the effect of temperature on the WHRU collectors, a deflector will be installed inside the rectangular chimney.

For monitoring the correct functioning of the prototype, 3 types of sensor nodes will be installed:

Type 1-Temperature Node: Th, Tc and Tgases output.

Type 2-Node Wattmeter to measure the power generated by the system. Said node will be installed inside the electrical panel.

2 units will be installed. of type 1 sensor nodes (one for each WHRU module) and 1 unit of type 2 node.

A LoRa Gateway will be installed to collect all the data sent by the sensors. The Gateway will be installed inside the boiler room right next to the existing electrical panels. The Gateway will be powered from one of the existing boxes.