Iberdrola & SME instrument day

Aeinnova at the Iberdrola & SME Instrument Day

Aeinnova has been one of the fifteen energy start-ups in Europe to participate in the Iberdrola & SME Instrument Day, a joint initiative of the European Commission (SME Instrument) and Iberdrola, with the collaboration of the Biscayan Provincial Council.

For Aeinnova it was a fantastic opportunity to present our products in front of the main representatives of the Basque Country’s innovation ecosystem

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Distiller Chemical Industry: Technical visit

In order to start a thermoelectricity project, it is important to have a physical visit to the facilities in order to determine the waste heat ranges and the temperature in addition to the installation of the WHRU system.  The technical visit was made at the Distiller Company (Sta. Perpetua de la Mogoda, Barcelona) on May 9th, 2018.

Heat Source

After analyzing all the heat generation points of the facilities it was decided to explore several points, specially the WOGA oil boiler.



Below you can see the results obtained

Oil boiler Point 1

Name Average Min Max Emissivity Standard Deviation
Oil boiler Point 1 39,3°C 5,8°C 110,2°C 0,98 22,0ºC
Oil boiler Point 2


Name Average Min Max Emissivity Standard Deviation
Oil boiler Point 2 20,4°C 2,6°C 101,0°C 0,98 22,0ºC
Internal duct

Name Average Min Max Emissivity Standard Deviation
Internal duct 60,6°C 28,0°C 112,8°C 0,98 22,0ºC
Pipe WOGA oil boil point 1

Name Average Min Max Emissivity Standard Deviation
WOGA oil boil point 1 23,7°C 6,9°C 124,0°C 0,98 22,0ºC
Pipe WOGA oil boil point 2

Name Average Min Max Emissivity Standard Deviation
WOGA oil boil point 2 64,6°C 9,3°C 172,9°C 0,98 22,0ºC
Pipe WOGA oil boil point 3

Name Average Min Max Emissivity Standard Deviation
WOGA oil boil point 3 77,1°C 16,2°C 225,7°C 0,98 22,0ºC
Pipe WOGA oil boil point 4

Name Average Min Max Emissivity Standard Deviation
WOGA oil boil point 4 32,5°C 8,7°C 125,8°C 0,98 22,0ºC


According to the visit made, it is considered that the chimney of the output gases of the WOGA boiler can be a suitable place for the placement of the WHRU units.

The temperature display on the electrical panel of the boiler indicates a temperature of the WOLGA boiler outlet gases of 270ºC but the real range is about 200ºC.

Flue gas outlet duct dimensions and sheet thickness will be requested.

WHRUs must be installed in the upper part of the flue gas outlet duct. We should have water at that point. According to what was discussed with Head of the Plant Maintenance,  there will be no problem in having a continuous amount of water to help dissipate the heat and achieve a greater temperature differential and thus obtain higher yields from our equipment. The flow, pressure and temperature data of the cooling water must be available.

The client uses the use of his WIFI for communication with the outside.

Working hours of the plant: from Sunday at 10pm until Friday at 10pm (120h / set. For 220 days / year).


Close to Market LIFE Projects

Aeinnova talks about Close to Market LIFE projects

Our chairman Raúl Aragonés has been invited to give a lecture at Ministerio de Agricultura y Pesca, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente on how to approach projects with high added value and close to the market for the presentation of the new calls for LIFE.

For us it has been an honor to speak in front of future participants and give them advice on how to approach their projects.

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Science and Innovation City Network

Aeinnova at Science and Innovation City Network

The Science and Innovation City Network is defined as a meeting forum for all those municipalities that intend to advance in the definition and application of innovative local policies.

For Aeinnova it has been a great option to contact local policy makers and disseminate the concepts of Industry 4.0, industrial sustainability and Energy Harvesting.

The result can be considered excellent since it has allowed us to speak with numerous mayors of important cities such as Malaga or Terrassa.

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Startup Ole Entrepreneur’s Fair

AEInnova in Startup Olé

Startup Olé has become a benchmark event for the international tech-entrepreneurial ecosystem, and its fourth edition is expected to be the biggest and most impactful ever. A place where meaningful connections will be made with ALL the key players at European and international level.

With the continuous support of Startup Europe (European Commission), Startup Olé 2018 will do what it does best: showcasing startups and providing them with the right connections (Accelerators, Investors, Public Administrations, Policy-Makers, Universities, Talent, etc.). It will also provide a forum where startups can share experiences and develop synergies so that they can grow together.

Aeinnova was there and, once again, our experience was very good: lots of contacts and opportunities to spread the word of Energy Harvesting from Waste Heat even before King Philip VI!


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XIII Fira d’Empreses UB

AEInnova in XIII Fira d’Empreses UB

The Companies Fair of the Faculties of Physics and Chemistry, with the participation of the faculties of Mathematics and Computing, Earth Sciences and Biology, is an opportunity for students to contact companies of activities related to the studies they are studying

Aeinnova was there talking about Energy Harvesting and knowing a good number of future professionals in the sector.

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Aeinnova in Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB)

Throughout the 20th century, Humanity has experienced the most spectacular and vertiginous advances in all History. Much of this evolution is explained thanks to an energy model based on fossil fuels that, on one hand, have provided us with easy and abundant energy, but on the other, has put our Planet into a limiting situation.

It is evident that our survival as a species lies in a decisive transition towards a new social and energetic paradigm where renewable energies, circular economy and technology must necessarily be taken into account.

In this area, Energy Harvesting appears, a ubiquitous energy, composed of details, but which will become a key piece in our new world: the energy of movement, electromagnetic waves, salinity, noise, heat…

Raúl Aragonés, Chairman of AEInnova, and Dr. Carlos Ferrer, CSO,  talked about the current situation of Energy Harvesting and how it will become a key element in a new energy paradigm of a hyperconnected world in front of 50 students in Energy Degree and VET at the CCCB, one of the most famous spaces for creation, research, exhibition and debate on contemporary culture.

It was a great experience sharing our knowledge about Energy Harvesting techniques with future energy professionals.

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Aeinnova participates in 4 Years from Now (4YFN)

4YFN is the startup business platform of Mobile World Capital Barcelona that enables startups, investors, corporations and public institutions to discover, create and launch new ventures together.

For us it has been a great opportunity to contact other companies in the ecosystem of sustainability, to present our products and disseminate the LIFE project. In this sense, we physically carry a HEAT-R pilot that caught the attention of a good part of the people who approached our booth.

Finally, we got close to a hundred contacts, with what we can consider that it was a resounding success.

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